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Oculus Quest price – Virtual Reality, Features, Price, and More
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Oculus Quest price – Virtual Reality, Features, Price, and More

Oculus Quest price

The Oculus Quest price at $ 399 and includes the Oculus Touch controls. Although Quest does not offer as high-quality images as the Oculus Rift S.

This device does not require an external computer.

How is Virtual reality and mixed reality?

  • Although the primary purpose of the Oculus Quest is to offer an excellent virtual reality experience.
  • Facebook promises that they also can offer mixed reality, allowing you to work on the computer even when in VR.
  • This is a forward-looking vision, so it’s not expecting to arrive at the Oculus Quest launch.
  • In this way, and thanks to Oculus Insight and its technology. The glasses will map your environment in real-time to show you things in a virtual way.
  • Since the glasses do not have cameras, you can authentically see the physical world.

What are the Features and Specifications?

  • Lenses and resolution: OLED each with 1,600×1,400 pixels on each lens (adjustable lenses)
  • Sensors: Four external to detect your movement and location
  • Controls: Oculus Touch (included)
  • Movement: 6 degrees of freedom
  • Sound: Spatial (no need for headphones), even better than what Oculus Go offers.
    Operating system: Android-based

What are the Price and Availability?

The Oculus Quest will be obtainable in the spring of 2019 with a price of US $ 399.

It is similar to the Oculus Rift S, but this second device requires an external computer that usually costs more than the US $ 700.

Oculus Insight:

  • The Oculus Quest VR glasses integrate four external sensors that allow what the company calls Oculus Insight. A technology that will enable them to “see” to know your location.
  • The four sensors are not the only ones that allow this since they achieve this motorization.
  • Thanks to different algorithms of the visual computing that the system integrates. To be able to do this with great precision in real-time.
  • Something remarkable is that this technology’s space limitations would be much lower than what we find today since it has managed to map a place of more than 3,000 square meters.
  • Also, the Oculus Quest glasses manage to memorize your environments or real physical scenarios. So you do not have to recreate where you are using them altogether.
  • However, Oculus Quest is postulated as a more progressive glasses than Oculus Go since Facebook promises to offer a graphic.
  • And gaming quality similar to Oculus Rift, including the Oculus Touch controls. Which offers great flexibility of movement and naturalness to immerse yourself in the virtual reality.

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