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What are the Santa Monica Pier Coordinate And Its History

What are the Santa Monica Pier Coordinate And Its History

Santa Monica Pier Coordinate

Santa Monica Pier A is a famous entertainment venue and shopping area located in the central coastal part of Santa Monica, a well-known California resort city. The platform is of great importance and also has been famous as the city’s best entertainment and entertainment center for the past 100 years. The ghat has an iconic entrance that frequently appears in movies and various TV shows and is undoubtedly the most iconic place in the city.

The pier was built and opened in the early 20th century. It remains located near another famous feature of the city, Pacific Ocean Park, a large family amusement park that is extremely popular with kids and is excellent for the family type of day out. Thus, both the pier and the garden are major Santa Monica Historic Sites, also considered the state’s most crowded and visited resort facilities.What are the Santa Monica Pier Coordinate And Its History

The pier also frequently appears in various films and has become a filming area for modern cinema and TV projects. These include “The Stings,” “Fish Hooky,” “Elmer Ganty,” “Farewell, My Lovely,” “1941”, and others with locations attached to the pier. The ghat is a small center of the area’s social life and cultural life and is a beautiful place to visit and take in some positive energy.

History of Santa Monica Pier Coordinate

The Philadelphia Company had built the Carousel in 1922. It features 44 hand – craves horses; it stood reconstructed in 1990 inside the Hippodrome. The Ballroom known as La Monica opened on July 23,

T. S. Eslick designed it, the interior was Spanish façade and the French Renaissance, and moreover, it was the largest dance hall all over the west coast, obliging 5,000 dancers on its 15,000-square-foot 1,400 m^2 hard maple floor. The Hollywood Autocade opened by the side of the La Monica with one-hundred well-known and unusual cars, as well as Jack Benny’s Maxwell. From 1958 until 1962, the Ballroom served a roller skating rink, where the speed skating club won many state and regional championships.

The Desire pier grew well during the 1920s but stood worn during the extreme sadness. During the 1930s, maximum amusement park abilities stood close and sold off. An offshore barrier stood built-in 1934 that provided curtailing for up to 100 fishing and also preference boats near the pier.

The entry gate to Santa Monica Pier stood built-in 1938 by the central Works Project Administration. Moreover, it replaced the former connection.

More Coordinates for Santa Monica Pier

Latitude & longitude – 34.0103148, -118.4962526

Arc-Minutes – 204061888, -710977515

DDD.MM.SS – 34.0.37,-118.29.47

NMEA (DDDMM.MMMM) – 3400.6189,N,11829.7752,W

Elevation – 14.83 feet (4.52 meter)What are the Santa Monica Pier Coordinate And Its History

Extra information about Santa Monica Pier


200 Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica,

CA 90401, USA

City – Santa Monica

Country – United States

Phone number – (310) 458-8900 / +1 310-458-8900

Website –

Distance from Santa Monica Pier to big cities

Amsterdam – 5564 miles / 8955 kilometers

Beijing – 6245 miles / 10051 kilometers

Berlin – 5794 miles / 9324 kilometers

Dubai – 8325 miles / 13398 kilometers

Geneva – 5911 miles / 9512 kilometers

New York – 2460 miles / 3959 kilometers

London  – 5451 miles / 8772 kilometers

Los Angeles – 15 miles / 24 kilometers

Rome – 6342 miles / 10206 kilometers

Miami – 2350 miles / 3782 kilometers

Moscow – 6076 miles / 9779 kilometers

Paris – 5656 miles / 9103 kilometers

Singapore – 8764 miles / 14104 kilometers

Shanghai – 6475 miles / 10420 kilometers

Tokyo – 5468 miles / 8799 kilometers

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