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What is a URL Shortener? – Definition, Functions, Uses, and More
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What is a URL Shortener? – Definition, Functions, Uses, and More

URL Shortener Definition

The URL Shortener is a tool used to reduce its addresses to be made precise and much more attractive to users.

This tool’s main objective is that it is unnecessary to place so many characters. When sharing links on our social network profiles.

Too long links are not attractive to users. Through URL shorteners, we can place a short link that is more pleasing to the eye. But this does not end here.

Using this tool, you can measure how many clicks your links receive on the social networks where you publish them.

What are the Functions of a URL Shortener?

The short URL is a practical aid for forwarding a link. For example, if you want to deliver a link to contact by email.

Please share it on social media or a mobile device. In marketing on social networks, a short URL will allow you to enrich the text.

With more information, for example, on Twitter. These use a permanent redirect (code 301), which is what the search engine prefers.

How to use URL Shorteners?

  • The operation of these tools is effortless.
  • These tools work because when entering the URL that we want to shorten.
  • It minimizes the number of characters by assigning new numbers and textures to the new link.
  • They are making it much shorter than the original.
  • So, suppose you want to share a link on your social networks, but it is too long and unattractive.
  • You open the tool and enter your link to shorten it.
  • You can also personalize it with a statement or phrase that can attract more clicks from users and voila.
  • That’s how easy it is to use URLs shorteners.

What are the Advantages of the URL Shortener?

URL shorteners are regularly used in Digital Marketing as they allow business owners. To track how many public clicked on a specific link.

They can provide statistical information on the traffic on a website and the performance of a marketing campaign.

Shortened URLs have become very common, so they can recommend that you include them in your content.

Shortened URLs tend to get mixed up, while long links tend to stick out disproportionately and unprofessionally.

Like any self-respecting technique, URL shortening has its pros and cons. We have already seen its advantages.

What are the Disadvantages of the URL Shortener?

In this life, “nothing is perfect,” everything has its right side, and its not so good side. So it is essential that you also know the disadvantages of using tools like URLS cutters:

Once shortened, these links depend on the page that offers the service. That is if the page closes or undergoes any modification.

Your short link will lose its functionality and will no longer take users to the desired address.

An example of this is Google, which in 2019 decided to remove its URL shortening tool known as Goo. Gl. It can slow down your web page’s loading.

It is not very common, but being a redirect can happen. We are using URL shorteners, users, or some social media platforms.

It may mistake our SPAM link and therefore delete it or not click it. A short link may not generate much confidence in users. They also come to think that it is a suspicious page or some virus and avoid clicking.

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