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Best Switch Accessories – Definition, Types of Switches, and More
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Best Switch Accessories – Definition, Types of Switches, and More

Best switch Accessories Definition

Although they go unnoticed in our daily lives, switches and sockets are responsible for making our lives easier for best switch accessories.

Pressing a switch to turn the lights on and off or plugging in an electrical appliance are gestures that are fully integrating into our day-to-day lives.

However, this type of technology continues to be developing to simplify our lives even more with new functions. It is the case of home automation mechanisms that activate the blinds through remote control, such as automating lighting according to the intensity of natural light.

For the exterior and areas such as garages, storage rooms, or basements, choose switches and sockets that are watertight and with a surface box to protect them from dust and humidity.

Remember that keys and frames are purchased separately for embedding mechanisms.
Wireless switches allow you to place them wherever you want without having to make grooves or installations.

Types of switches, sockets, and other mechanisms and functions

Plugs We can find them with and without grounding. In both cases, the maximum power is 3,680 watts. In ungrounded sockets, you can connect all kinds of lamps and small appliances, vacuum cleaners, microwaves, coffee makers, chargers, but not other types of instruments such as refrigerators or ovens. We recommend that you improve the security of your home by replacing ungrounded plugs with grounded ones.

Some mechanisms include two functions in one. It is the case of plugs/switches.

Switches the switches allow us to turn the light on or off with the press of a key. Timer switches are available to reduce unnecessary power consumption and ensure shutdown after use. Switches and frames are purchased separately.

Within the switches, we can distinguish between Simple controls: to turn the light on or off from a single point.


  • It is using to turn the light on and off from two different points.


  • They allow you to turn the light on and off from 3 different points.

Double switches:

  • They include two switches to turn on and off two different light points from a single mechanism.


  • To activate the doorbell.

Multimedia sockets :

  • Television, radio, telephone, computer connection. The last one to appear has been the RJ45 network socket that allows connection to an ADSL or computer network service.

Home automation mechanisms:

  • These systems offer greater automation when activated by presence detection or by the intensity of light, for example. Within these mechanisms, we include:

Light regulators:

  • They allow us to regulate the intensity of the light and create different scenarios depending on how we want an ambient light, dim, more intense, etc.

Twilight mechanisms:

  • It reacts to the rise or fall of the intensity of natural light by turning the light on or off.

Presence detection:

  • When it perceives presence, it turns on the lights, a comfortable solution (you don’t even have to press the switch), and that allows us to save since it only keeps the light on when necessary.


  • Remote shutter opening or closing management. The control can be by radio frequency, through remote control, or be automatic according to the light or a specific time.

Wireless mechanisms:

  • Place switches in places without cable access using wireless presence switches and detectors. Very easy to install. You have to place a signal transmitter behind the button -connected to the cable- and stick the wireless mechanism in the home-based you want, thanks.
  • To the adhesive floorings that it incorporates. The transmitter has a transmission range of up to 50 meters. In this way, you can place a switch wherever you want without having to make grooves or complex electrical installations.

What is the best Interior or exterior?

Before choosing the switch or plug, you must know if you will place it inside or outside your home to select a recessed or surface model.


  1. Recessed mechanisms are the most common to be placed indoors. However, if you have decided on a visible electrical installation, you should choose a surface model.
  2. This type of watertight plug, which includes the surface box, are also suitable for basements, garages, storage rooms, warehouses as they protect them from dust and moisture.


  1. Exterior use requires switches and plugs with an IP 54 rating – it corresponds to the International Protection acronym and indicates the degree of water tightness of the model.
  2. Typically, outdoor mechanisms with a built-in cover are used in the case of sockets, although we can already find flush-mount models with an IP 54 and equipped with a body.

Materials and finishes:

  1. Frames and keys are purchased separately. Customize your recessed sockets and switches and adapt them to the style or environment of your home or even each room.
  2. Pastel colors in the children’s room, aluminum in the bathroom and kitchen, and a contrasting combination for the rest of your home.
  3. Wood finishes, glass, marble, slate, patterns, translucent frames, you have infinite options at your fingertips.
  4. At LEROY MERLIN, you can choose from more than 350 combinations.

To do this, you must follow 4 simple steps

Choose the function.

Take the amount you need.

Choose the color of the key or function.

Choose the frame color.

Every mechanism for a stay.

The needs and the usual equipment of each room mean that we can distribute the functions by spaces of the house:

Living room:

  • Television, DVD, telephone, laptop, and tablet … these are the devices that we usually use in the living room, that is why we will need a telephone socket. A socket connects the TV to the antenna, and several plugs grounded to plug in the TV, DVD, charge the computer or tablet, etc.
  • The living room is also one of the places in which the light needs to vary. The dimmers allow us to adjust the intensity and create different atmospheres: a general light for lunch or dinner, ambient lighting for a special dinner, or dim to watch a movie.
  • With radio-frequency motorized blind programmers, we can open or close the blinds with remote control.


  • The telephone and a small television are two of the devices that have ended up sneaking into most kitchens, which is why both the phone and the TV socket have become essential in the kitchens of many homes.
  • The kitchen also needs several plugs, and they must have an earth connection to connect large electrical appliances.


  • TV, radio, and telephone socket to connect the standard equipment in the bedrooms. The double switch allows us to turn on two independent lights while crossing is very common to turn the lights on and off before sleeping, also from the bed.
  • For motorized blinds, we can choose between a radio frequency programmer or depending on a specific time or light.


  • The corridor is the space that concentrates the lighting switches. With more different functions presence detector, double switch, and crossing to turn the lights on and off from other points.


  • In this room, the RJ45 socket is usually locating for the ADSL connection, as well as a telephone socket.

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