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Best Tv 2020 – Top 7 Smart TVs
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Best Tv 2020 – Top 7 Smart TVs

Best Tv 2020

Best tv 2020 and one of the things that certainly more than one we targeted is buying a new TV or Smart TV.

The television market does not stop growing and offering exciting news, focusing on 8K. Although, indeed, it is still with a dropper. However, in 4K, we have televisions to bore.

Top 7 Smart TVs

1.Hisense 58AE7000F

  • Hisense televisions are becoming better equipped and are one of the complete options in the mid-range.
  • They carry their operating system (Vidaa) with apps from platforms such as Prime Video, YouTube, Netflix, or Rakuten TV.
  • It also has Alexa included, and its image quality, even being LED, is quite acceptable for its price, with deep enough blacks. Its price is sure to be one of its best assets for this Black Friday 2020.

2.LG 55UN7100

  • In the mid-range, LG brings us this magnificent 4K Smart TV with artificial intelligence write for us (compatible with Google and Alexa).
  • The webOS operating system and Quad-Core processor for more incredible speed. It also has HDR 10 Pro, and its IPS screen offers up to 178º of vision.
  • An excellent purchase for tight pockets. And that this Black Friday 2020, we will indeed find a more significant discount.

3.Loewe Bild 2.49

  • Within the high-end or luxury range, Loewe is one of those brands to always keep in mind. This 49-inch Ultra HD LCD panel has a Smart TV, Quad-Core processor, and an unmatched quality of finishes.
  • Nonetheless, it stands out the most in the sound, with its exclusive Mimi Defined system with Dolby Digital and separate bass and treble control.
  • Which also adapts the sound to your hearing profile in real-time. Another level. And that is paid. Will we see it reduced this Black Friday 2020.

4.Philips Ambilight 58PUS8505 / 12

  • Philips goes to android tv in its latest models, and the change is appreciated. This Smart TV with Ambilight on three of its sides.
  • Optically enlarges the image on the screen thanks to its smart LEDs, improving the viewing experience.
  • It also has a 4K UHD OLED screen, Dolby sound, 4 HDMI ports, HDR 10 +. A more than perfect purchase in the mid-high range of current televisions.

5.Samsung QLED 4K 2020 55Q95T

  • We raised the bar with the excellent Samsung 55Q95T. A Smart TV with a QLED TV panel with a Quantum dot, a Samsung technology that allows producing all the color regardless of the brightness level.
  • It also has artificial intelligence in real-time to transform and improve sound and image quality. It also has a brightness of up to 2000 nits. Also, it can be seen without problems from any angle, and the screen is entirely anti-glare.
  • And another novelty its 6 integrated speakers, together with artificial intelligence, allows the sound to be reproduced only in the exact place where the action occurs.
  • Awesome. We are already looking forward to your discount for this Black Friday 2020.

6.Sharp 55BL3

  • If you are an expression for a TV that meets the three B’s, the Sharp 55BL3 may be your answer. One of the best in the mid-range, with a 55-inch Ultra 4K LED panel, it does not detract from its rivals.
  • Equipped with the latest android tv, 4 HDMI ports, and 3 USB ports, this TV is perfect for occupying your living room.
  • It also comes as a surprise, as it has its-virtual surround sound technology, and its speakers are designed by Harman / Kardon, which is synonymous with assured quality.

7.Sony KD-55XH8196PBAEP

  • Sony makes some of the best televisions on the market is no secret. And in the upper mid-range, we find its latest Smart TV with an unpronounceable name.
  • And with everything required of a category television android tv, Alexa and Google Assistant, Dolby sound and image, 4K HDR LED panel with x-reality pro.
  • Triluminos screen, voice control. An unbeatable option for quality and performance in this price range. And during Black

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