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Mobile Commerce Write For Us, Contribute And Submit postThe Term Mobile Commerce Write For Us   was coined in 1997 by Kevin Duffey with the introduction of the World , Mobile Commerce Forum and means “the provision of e-commerce functions directly to the hand of the consumer, everywhere, via wireless technology.” Many consider mobile commerce to be “a retail store in your customer’s pocket.”

Mobile commerce is valued at $ 800 billion, with Asia accounting for nearly half of the market.

The Global Mobile Commerce Forum, which eventually comprised over 100 organizations, was launched on November 10, 1997, in London. And also, Kevin Duffey was elected Executive Chairman at the first meeting in November 1997.And also,  The session was hosted Dr. GSM Association, with early mobile commerce forecasts from Kevin Duffey (Telecommunications Director of Logica Group) and Tom Alexander (later CEO of Virgin Mobile and later of Orange). Over 100 companies have joined the forum in one year, many of which have formed their mobile commerce teams, such as MasterCard and Motorola. Of those 100 companies, the first two were Logica and Cellnet (later O2). In addition, member organizations such as Nokia, Apple, Alcatel, and Vodafone have started a series of tests and collaborations.

Types of m-commerce

M-commerce can be categorized according to functions in mobile shopping, mobile banking, or mobile payment. Mobile shopping enables a customer to purchase a product through a mobile device, such as Amazon, or through a web application. A sub-category of mobile shopping is app commerce, i.e., a transaction via a native app. Mobile banking encompasses any portable technology that enables customers to conduct fanatical transactions. This usually done through a secure and dedicated application provided by the banking institution. Mobile payments allow users to purchase products in person using a mobile device. Digital wallets like Apple Pay enable customers to buy a product without swiping a card or paying cash.

This is how mobile commerce works

Most m-commerce compatible platforms have a mobile device connected to a wireless network that enables product purchases online. For those responsible for developing a mobile commerce app, the top KPIs to watch out for are total mobile traffic, total app traffic volume, average order value, and order value over time. And also, Likewise, tracking the mobile add-to-cart rate helps developers see if users are turning into customers. Ecommerce developers might also interested in monitoring average page load times, mobile cart conversion rates, and SMS subscriptions.

In particular, in the case of mobile payment products, these work via a form of peer-to-peer (P2P) sharing. Once a mobile device linked to credit card information, the phone can be moved to a payment terminal to pay for a product. And also, This contactless payment with a mobile device is possible through Near Field Communication (NFC).

Mobile shopping

Most of the websites that offer desktop shopping have also optimized this feature for mobile commerce. However, mobile shopping is not limited to web browsers. Still, it can also be found in applications specially developed for shopping in mobile marketing and, increasingly, on social media platforms (see Facebook stores).

Mobile banking

If you have han account at a large bank, you are probably familiar with their mobile banking app, or at least the ability to bank through their websites from your mobile device. However, of the three categories of mobile e-commerce, mobile banking still has growth potential: some types of transactions may be limited on mobile devices.

Mobile payments

In recent years, the mobile payments industry has grown and evolved to become more extensive and more efficient. Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, Venmo, and PayPal are just a small selection of mobile commerce payment solutions today.

Mcommerce vs. Ecommerce: what’s the difference?

Although both use the Internet to transact, the differences between mobile commerce and e-commerce are significant for several reasons. For example, your e-commerce advertising strategy should be different for mobile devices than for desktop computers in terms of design and orientation; And also,  Without knowing how other e-commerce and mobile commerce are, creating a successful marketing plan can be tricky.

And also,  Here are the top five differences between mobile commerce and e-commerce:


Because handheld devices handle mobile commerce, it naturally reaches more people than e-commerce. Furthermore, with push notifications on mobile devices, consumers can be achieved much more quickly through mobile marketing than through e-commerce, which is utterly dependent on customers being in front of their computers.


Once your potential customers have been reached and encouraged to buy, the next step is for them to make the purchase. And also,  If you use e-commerce, your customers must be at their desks to complete the purchase on your website. Of course, that’s less likely than if your customers could make purchases directly from their smartphones, which is exactly why mobile commerce has the upper hand here.

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