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New iMac – Definition, Features, Processor and More
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New iMac – Definition, Features, Processor and More

New iMac Definition

There is currently a lot of uncertainty about the launches that Apple will make without any fixed schedule.

It is why we were quite surprised that today Apple has made the launch of the new iMac 2020 official. In this object, we show you all the news that this new team includes.


  • Apple has not wanted to make countless revolutions in iMac’s world since it has only made an update of the 27 ″ iMac. As predicted by the technology guru Prosser, he has not opted for a redesign maintaining the same design. They want to wait for once the ARM computers announcing at the last WWDC are including.


  1. The processor is the iMac’s soul, as it is designing to offer the highest performance to professionals. In this renewal, the latest Intel processors with up to 10 cores with speed reaching 5 GHz have been including.
  2. It means that the processing power has increased by 65% in Logic Pro or 40% in Final Cut.
  3. All these percentages have been calculating when comparing to the 27 ″ iMac with an 8-core CPU.
  4. Specifically, we are talking about the tenth generation Intel processors that are the most advanced today.
  5. Along with the CPU, it is essential to have an adequate RAM capacity as some professional programs need it. That is why the board now ropes up to 128 GB of RAM.

Graphic card

  • The graphics card is an additional essential component in an expert device. The latest available AMD graphics are including in this new 27 ″ iMac. It offers a presentation that is 55% faster than the Radeon Pro 5000 series graphics.
  • Specifically, it is possible to customize the computer with a Radeon Pro 5700 or Radeon Pro 5700 XT graphics.

Display and storage

  1. This iMac’s screen keeps getting better with 14.7 million pixels, 1 billion colors, or 500 nits of brightness.
  2. The monitor can be configuring with the nano-texture option that was already introducing in the Pro Display XDR. With this technology, imaging can be watching in low light conditions without any problem.
  3. It gives a meager reflectivity result to new iMac and avoids glare from the Retina 5K display, crowning this screen is a camera.
  4. Traditionally, a 720p camera was including, but a 1080p Full HD camera is fitting with this new iMac.
  5. It greatly enhances the quality of the images taken for videoconferencing.
  6. Image processing is doing through the T2 security chip that offers tone mapping, exposure control, and trace detection for higher quality.
  7. The SSD storage drives that are including now have a higher quality. It offers a performance of up to 3.4 GB / s to launch applications and open files in a much faster way. Higher quality data encryption is providing with Apple’s T2 security chip.
  8. It is also verifying with this chip that the software loaded at the beginning of the boot is truthful.

Price and availability

  • These new 27 ″ iMacs are obtainable today through the Apple Store Connected with a base price of € 2099, the most rudimentary version with a six-core Intel Core i5 processor.
  • If you want the performance with a ten-core Intel Core i9 processor, a totaling of € 2,924 must be salaried.
  • Having the maximum possible RAM means that you have to make an expense of € 3,250, and if you want the maximum SSD storage, 2 TB, the difference is € 750. In the case that you want to have a nanotextured glass, you will have to pay € 625.

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