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What are Electric Bikes? – Definition, Advantages, Types, and More
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What are Electric Bikes? – Definition, Advantages, Types, and More

Electric Bikes Definition

Little by little, electric bikes have been making their way into the bicycle market. With advances in controllers and batteries, it is becoming easier to find a greater variety and especially better bikes of this type.

If you have heard about electric bicycles or e-bikes but are still not very clear about what they are and how they work, this article is for you.

What is an electric bicycle

Do not confuse electric bicycles with scooters or electric motorcycles. An electric bike is a regular bike as you know, it with pedals and the whole thing, but equipped with an electric motor, a battery, and a controller.

The motor

  • Today the vast majority of electric bikes use internal motors. These can go either on the front or rear hub of the bike or the center axle.

Some bicycles use an external engine that transmits the power through a chain.


  • The three types of sequences used in electric bicycles are:
  • Lithium-Ion
  • Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH)
  • Lead


  • It could be whispering that this is the brain of the bike and is responsible for activating and regulating the electric motor. They come in different styles, and some are more sophisticated than others and are always locating on the handlebars for better control.
  • Throttle, which can be twisted, as in motorcycles, or a button.
  • Pedelec, more sophisticated and that monitors the pedaling of the cyclist to assist with the motor.
  • Those that use the pedaling system only assist pedaling. That is, for the motor to activate, you have to be pedaling. Others are autonomous, and it is not necessary to pedal for the engine to propel the bike.
  • There are systems in which you can select between both modes of operation. As mentioned above, there are countries where power and maximum speed are regulated, especially for autonomous systems. In case of exceeding the regulations, they can be considered electric motorcycles and require a license for their use.


Types of electric bikes

  1. Today it is possible to find almost any type of bicycle in its electric version. There are folding, mountain, road, tandem, and even recumbent. As with conventional ones, it is essential to define your needs before buying your new bicycle.
  2. If you want to know the different types of bikes there are, we invite you to read: What everyone should know before buying a motorcycle.

Advantages and disadvantages of electric bikes


  • They make it easier to pedal uphill
  • Assistance for those with joint or asthma sufferers, for example
  • They are easier to pedal so that you can encourage new riders


  • They are more expensive than conventional bicycles
  • They are heavier
  • Electrical and electronic equipment requires specialized service

Who are electric bikes ideal?

  1. The main advantages of these bikes are their ability to improve your efficiency when climbing slopes or when pedaling against the wind (yes, in some parts, the wind is mighty).
  2. It is a faultless choice for those who love cycling but who, due to health reasons, find it difficult to pedal on a conventional bicycle.
  3. Finally, you can encourage those who have not yet got on the bike because they feel lazy, find it difficult, or do not want to arrive so sweaty to work.
  4. And also think that an electric bike could be a good option for you. It is a good experience with these bikes.

Electric bicycles, a sector on the rise

  1. The figures in the sector speak of the excellent reception of e-bikes, which in the next five years is expecting to triple their sales. In Spain, the Association Brands and Bicycles of Spain (AMBE) has pointed the electric bike as a lifesaver sector.
  2. The electric bicycle democratizes the practice of sports cycling. You no longer need to be in optimal shape to go up a mountain with our group of friends or do a long route that we would not do otherwise.

Where is the motor located?

  1. When choosing a model, it is interesting to consider where the engine is locating. There are usually two trends, in the axle or the wheel.
    It is a matter of efficiency and feels.
  2. With the motor on the axis, the usual pedaling of a bicycle feels more. It is the most suitable when we talk about doing sports with the bike, for MTB or even on the road.
  3. Also, by having a torque movement sensor on the axis itself when pushing the pedal, the electric motor comes into operation, and the bike goes off. However, it depends on the manufacturer and how it regulates the power delivery.

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