What is the World Wide Web(WWW)? – Definition, Working, Features, and More

World Wide Web Definition

World Wide Web(WWW) in a computer is a network worldwide. They consist of a complex system of hypertext and hypermedia interconnected.

And can be accessed by connecting to the Internet and a set of software specialized. The software needed to visit the WWW is a browser or explorer.

Such says internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc. It represents each visited web page in a series of windows equipped with text and multimedia.

The latter usually requires an HTML address (Hypertext Markup Language

And also hypertext markup language) that begins with the acronym www. Thus, this new virtual space has grown and multiplied to become the primary means of consulting digital information.

And also telecommunications in the contemporary world.

How does the World Wide Web work?

The Web operates based on a three-step procedure, which are:


The URL address (the one entered in the browser) is linked to an IP address, through a vast distributed database on the Internet (called DNS).

Once the IP address is obtained, communication between the user and the webserver is established, and data transmission begins.

HTML request

The browser then requests the resource and gets the web page parts from the requested resources for graphics, text, etc.


The browser then follows the instructions in the HTML. Ccs code to assemble the web page correctly, putting every graphic on its site.

And both text as it must appear. The user can then notice it on the screen and can, at his wish, jump to similar ones.

Features of the World Wide Web

The Web is a dimension of information exchange and multimedia telecommunications, interactive and distance.

The knowledge, attitudes and behaviours of the human being  reflect to a great extent. Statistically, it has estimated in 2002 that of 2,024 million existing web pages.

56.4% were in the English language, compared to 7.7% in German, 5.6% in French and 4.95% in Japanese, and 4% in Spanish.

Several accuse this dominance of the Anglo language of serving as a mechanism for imposing (American) language.

And culture on the rest of the world, thus operating an imperialist agent at the heart of computer globalization.

However, other studies show the institution’s tendency instead of a 2.0 culture. And also, digital media culture would transcend the traditional limits imposed by borders and cultures.

Importance of the World Wide Web

The emergence of the Web changed the world forever. It enabled new and diverse forms of remote access to information.

It is thoroughly changing how we investigate and overcome enormous distances to facilitate communication.

The sending of confidential information. Of course, this also had severe repercussions. Such as a new length of crime (computer crimes or cybercrime).

It is unrestricted access for users to all kinds of information. Legal or illegal, sensitive or public, intimate or informative.

It also constitutes a challenge to filtering. And it is going to reliable sources or protecting infants from informational overexposure.

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