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Micro mobility refers to a range of small, light vehicles that travel at speeds typically below 25 km / h (15 mph) and are personally driven by users as opposed to rickshaws. Therefore, Micro mobility devices include bicycles, electric bikes, electric scooters, electric scooters, shared bikes, and electric pedal bikes.

Two Bike Rio participants ride along Copacabana Beach during the cycle path in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2018.

The original definitions indicated that the primary requirement for inclusion in the micro-mobility category was a gross vehicle weight rating of fewer than 500 kilograms (1,100 pounds). However, the definition has evolved to reject devices with internal combustion engines and those with a top speed greater than 45 kilometers (28 miles) per hour.

The term recalls a transition close to that of the microcomputer, where the miniaturization of means of transport for short distances goes hand in hand with the miniaturization of microcomputers for personal use. Economic and technology analyst Horace Dediu coined the term in a speech he gave at the Micro mobility Summit at the Tech festival in Copenhagen in 2017.

Mobility as a service

With good planning, it is possible and desirable to combine public transport with these means of urban micro mobility for first and last-mile transfers or door-to-door trips.

In other words, it involves, for example, going to a metro or metro bus station by bicycle; and get out of public transport by dropping off an electric scooter for the last leg of our trip. Therefore, it is essential to digitize the transport service offer to include as many transport modes as possible in a single application.

This phenomenon of integration between public transport and micro mobility is already underway in Europe and is technically known as Mobility as a Service. Next, let’s take a look at some examples of micro-mobility around the world. And also, China, a forerunner of the global phenomenon of micro-mobility

Therefore, China is considered a pioneer and protagonist of urban micro-mobility. Since 2008, it has promoted various programs to adapt public space to these light vehicles.

The Hangzhou company implemented one of them, which offered a “dock less” bicycle rental service without fixed parking; Sometime later and based on this service, companies like Ofo will be founded. And also, The advantage of the dock less mode is that you can find and park your bikes more flexibly.

Currently, Ofo has forged business alliances with leading tech and e-commerce companies such as Xiaomi and Alibaba, allowing it to expand its shared mobility model to other parts of the world.

The United States and the “boom” in transportation applications

Therefore,  United States was not far behind, and with companies like Lime, Bird, Razor, and Jump, users can easily rent any of these vehicles (mostly e-bikes and e-scooters) through an app.

The new mobility has generated new phenomena for large companies such as Uber, which in July 2018 reported using more Jump bikes than the standard car transfer request service.

And also,  new mobility laid the foundations for integrating public transport into micro-mobility:

For example, in Portland, it is possible to purchase a special pass that includes access to public transportation and the rental of electric scooters and bikes. In Pittsburgh, it is also possible to use the transit card to unlock a bicycle and use it for 15 minutes at no cost. And also, Globally, this integration phenomenon has materialized in smart cards or integrated mobility smart cards.

 A city with different alternative transport options

And also, In recent years, the urban mobility landscape of CDMX has changed as more and more people use bicycles, electric scooters, and various other means of shared mobility to avoid traffic and traffic jams.

Programs such as EcoBici, the traditional and electric bicycle rental service, reduce traffic and air pollution.

Thus, the use of alternative transport in CDMX is becoming popular: talking about a digital application capable of integrating the metro or metro  with other new shared economy transport applications is a very close reality. Apps such as Grin, Urban, Waze Carpool, and Cabify have broadened the mobility landscape in Mexico.

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