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Personal Computer Write For UsA personal computer (PC) is an all-purpose computer, the size, capabilities, and price that allows it to used individually. Personal computers are intended for direct use by the end-user and not by a computer technician or expert. Unlike large and expensive minicomputers and mainframes, many people’s timeshare components not used concurrently with personal computers.

Computer owners in institutions or companies had to write their programs in the 1960s to operate the machines fully. While PC users can develop their applications, these systems typically use commercial software, free software often proprietary, or free open source software provided “ready to use. run ”or binary format. PC software usually developed and sold independently of the hardware manufacturer or operating system. Many PC users no longer need to write their programs to use a PC, although end-user programming is still possible. In contrast to mobile systems, where software is often available only through a channel supported by the manufacturer, the development of programs for end users can be complex due to the lack of support from the manufacturer.

Microsoft operating systems and Intel hardware have dominated much of the PC market since the early 1990s, first with MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows. Alternatives to Microsoft Windows operating systems have a minority stake in the industry. It includes Apple’s macOS and free and open-source Unix-like operating systems such as Linux.

PC definition

This article starts by defining what a PC is, which is a direct question for many but helps clarify what it is. A PC a collection of artefacts designed to work together to provide users with the ability to perform various tasks that a computer allowed to do, such as work, play, go online, etc. Days. .computers cover more things.

These accessories include a monitor, speakers, mouse, printer, webcam, or other accessories used to complement the tasks you do on your computer. Apart from knowing that this is a PC, it is also good that you know what types of PCs are there, and these are two of them that fall into the following categories:


It is the type of computer that commonly used in most homes. It a computer that consists of the accessories above individually. However, with the advancement of technology, some PC models have emerged that include a monitor, speakers and a USB port. Connections, including into a coherent whole, known as “All-in-One”. However, it is pertinent to explain that this type of computer uses a keyboard and mouse like other desktop computers.

They are called desktop computers because they are not easy to transport and, when placed in one place, they usually stay there for a long time. In addition, they take up a lot of space in their place, so they only need one zone for comfortable work.

Simply put, many of the screens used on desktop computers are of the touch type, which is gradually seeking to replace the use of a mouse to require fewer components when using a computer. The goal is also to make the mouse easier to use. You need to move your computer to a different location with fewer parts.


This type of PC exists and differs in that it much smaller than desktop computers, and most of its components built into them (something like All in desktop. One). These components will internal components like the processor and peripheral components like the keyboard, screen, and even a mouse, known as a “trackpad”.

This type of computer was designed to be moved from one place to another, some of them are heavier, but the maximum weight of a laptop can be about 5 kg. It is enough to close the screen of what will on the keyboard to move or put it somewhere, regardless of whether you are going somewhere else or decide not to use it for a while. What is a mouse. It is something everyone who uses a PC should know.

PC type objects

Technology is something to take a break from. Manufacturers are always looking for ways to improve it. Now that you understand what a PC is, we’re going to show you other existing products that are very similar to laptops. An example of this “tablets”, which act like computers and allow you to perform a large number of similar tasks with good performance, ensuring that any task is completed in a short time.

These tablets use screens ranging in size from 11 to 14 inches, and you can adapt keyboards with USB inputs to look more like laptops. They also use a touchscreen and do not necessarily depend on a mouse to operate them. They do not depend on a DC source to operate as they powered by rechargeable batteries such as laptops.

A bit like a PC, they have a battery life of 8 hours. As far as their processors go, they use the i3, i5, and i7 without having to have such a noticeable size. An example is Microsoft Surface. Other computers are similar to PCs, but they not intended for home use. Although they were not created for this purpose, it can be done, and these are the famous Servers.

A server a PC made so that all of its parts take up the smallest possible space, and only the most critical components are used for specific tasks. The waiter looks excellent. They do not require a monitor, mouse or keyboard as they designed for remote control.

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